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10 Years ago, the founder of Takedown Piracy, Nate Glass, was working in sales and marketing for a DVD distribution company.  While meeting with store owners, Nate heard a constant refrain - stores were not buying as much stock as before because "everyone gets it for free online."  Nate took the initiative to educate himself about this issue by studying not only the Copyright Act of 1976 but also reading the entire Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  After inquiring with colleagues, Nate discovered that many had assumed a defeatist mentality that nothing could be done to fight against free, pirated content online.  Nate believed he could make a difference and on April 5, 2009 he sent his first DMCA notice.  When that content was removed, Nate followed up with more notices and started to see pirates complain about having their uploads removed.  When a pirate stated he would no longer upload a studio's content because of the DMCA notices, Nate knew he was onto something.  Takedown Piracy was born, and soon became the most trusted name in anti-piracy. 

That was a decade ago, and the Takedown Piracy name has grown exponentially, year after year.  Takedown Piracy has been featured on national television programs, in major online media sites, and cited in several books.  What started as a passion project has now grown to have a huge following and customer base.  With Takedown Piracy, you aren't just getting a DMCA service.  You're getting a team of passionate problem solvers who will fight for you every day. 

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