What our clients say about us


James Deen

I have been working with Nate and Takedown Piracy for about 7 years now. I've never been anything but thrilled with his performance.  Never have I met someone with such a true passion and desire to fight piracy and support the content creators.  Nate is always finding new information and new ways to takedown pirated content.  He protects and advocates for both the models, and the producers.  Truly a great dude.

Moose - Girlfriends Films

There are not enough words to describe how much respect I have for Nate. Since the dawn of what we now know to be piracy, he has fought the good fight to protect the rights of workers and studios who give it their all at their jobs of producing great content, and he has never faltered - not even in the worst of times. I think it goes without saying we all are indebted to him, and because of his dedication to defending protected works and standing up for what’s right.  My personal admiration for him runs deep.

Jason Tucker - President, Battleship Stance

For 10 years, Takedown Piracy remains the only company we refer or consider using for DMCA Takedown Notice services. Nate and his team bring a passion and dedication to their work. They know they are on a mission to fight piracy and they prove it with results!

Steven Grooby - Founder/CEO, Grooby Productions

If you want to meet someone who is passionate about their work, then let me introduce you to Nate Glass.   Nate is genuinely incensed by the piracy that goes on and is debilitating to the adult industry - he's built his business around his beliefs and over the many years we've worked with him, his company has strived to remove as much content as possible, to adapt to the changing types of stolen content and also to investigate and 'take down' websites and individuals who abuse our content.  I've recommended him to many other companies, and will continue to do so


Nate and the Takedown Piracy Team have been relentlessly passionate about resolving piracy online. They are vigilant about addressing issues with improved technical tools and they never fail to deliver on creative new solutions. We get excited to see what they will come up with next as they continue to flag and remove countless infringements against our intellectual property.