Our Full Suite Of Services

Digital Fingerprinting


We employ digital fingerprinting and content identification to locate your infringed content across nearly 100 video sharing sites.  Our cutting edge technology is unmatched and has resulted in the removal of over 2.5 million pirated videos.

We call this our Nemesis program after the Greek goddess of righteous retribution against those with ill-gotten gains.  Pirates who profit from your content will come to feel your righteous retribution when you partner with us.

Google Brand Protection


Pirates love to steal your traffic via Google.  With Takedown Piracy, they can no longer do that.  We are a member of Google's Trusted Content Removal Program which means we have access to tools that allow us to clean up your Google results so that people only find your authorized partners and official websites when they Google your brands.  To date we've removed over 75 million infringing URLs from Google and have one of the highest accuracy rates tracked by the Google Transparency Report.

Assorted Piracy Issues


Besides streaming video, there are other ways pirates distribute your works.  These include direct download sites, also known as cyberlockers.  To date we've removed over 6.5 million cyberlocker files.  

We also remove torrent files, blog and forum posts sharing your content, social media posts advertising your stolen content and much more.  

Revenge Porn & Non-Consensual DeepFakes


Operation Minerva is a program we operate to assist victims of revenge porn and/or non-consensual deepfakes.  We are able to fingerprint revenge porn videos to identify when they are uploaded online.  We can then get these videos removed and/or collect and document evidence to assist in potential litigation cases.

Clip Store Content Protection


Via our partnership with ClipSentry, we are able to assist producers and performers who create content for clip sites.  This gives these independent producers access to our cutting edge technologies like digital fingerprinting and AI-powered content generation.

Legal Referrals


We have strategic partnerships with several prominent attorneys and law firms which specialize in intellectual property litigation.  We can assist in collecting evidence and referring you to attorneys that can help you resolve these issues.

Takedown Piracy is not an attorney and does not practice law.  We are merely a technology service with business relationships with attorneys.